Frequently Asked Questions

How do Foggōz work?

As a gentle adhesive, Foggōz work by creating a seal that keeps your breath from escaping through the top of your mask and fogging your glasses. 

What is the best way to put Foggōz strip in my mask?

You will get the best results by following the directions in the instructional booklet very carefully! I've found that people who watch the instructional videos have more success right off the bat. Check out my instructional videos here for either flat/pleated masks or contoured/3D masks:

How do I get the best fog-free seal?

Here's another video that walks you through my favorite tips for getting a great fog-free seal:

How long will a Foggōz strip last?

Foggōz are repositionable and reusable, but the number of times varies based on skin-type, how often you put on and take off your mask, how often you wash your mask, and how much stick you need to remain fog-free. For most people, one strip will last at least several days of wear and will continue to be effective after one or two washes. In my family, we easily use the same strip for two weeks (we work from home and only wear our masks when we go to the store from time to time). Here's a video on how to take off your mask to help your Foggōz last longer:


Can I use Foggōz in any mask?

In our experience, Foggōz work great in most types of mask styles, including pleated, contoured, 3D, and medical (disposable) masks. They also stick well to quilting cotton, cotton jersey (t-shirt cotton), silk, and polyester mesh. While Foggōz is relatively elastic, any mask that is stretched quite tight across your face, like a tight-fitting gaiter, may not work as well, as it will pull the strip away from the sides of your nose.

Foggōz work best and are most comfortable in masks without nose wires. When possible, remove the nose wire for best results. That said, in our experience, the nose wires in medical masks tend to be flat and fairly pliable, making them acceptable for use with Foggōz.

Also, keep in mind that Foggōz create a seal that makes more of your breath go through the mask itself rather than out the top. As a result, you may find that masks made out of very light fabric, or very tightly woven fabric suck in more when using Foggōz. If sucking in is a problem for you, we recommend using Foggōz in masks made from a high-quality cotton that has some structure to it but is still breathable. 

Are Foggōz comfortable to wear?

Foggōz are made from gentle, hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone and are comfortable to wear. It may take some people with sensitivities a few wears to get used to the feel of Foggōz, but most folks will not even notice them. While Foggōz do stick to your skin, they are not painful to remove. Even my six-year-old, who absolutely hates taking off band-aids, is okay with them!

That said, if you find that taking off your Foggōz is uncomfortable for you, my suggestion is to touch the silicone gel with your fingers a few times to reduce the stickiness for your first wear. Just keep in mind that this may make your strip less effective against the fog, since the stickiness is what creates the seal. In any case, the first wear will be the stickiest, but that will lessen with repeated use.

 How do I wash my mask when it has a Foggōz strip in it?

Wash your mask in a delicates bag on the delicates cycle (use cool water). Use mild detergent (we use Biokleen and our Foggōz usually last 1-2 washes. When I've used Tide and similar powerful detergents, the strip has fallen off, so your choice of detergent will definitely make a difference). Lay flat to dry or line dry and make sure your mask and Foggōz are completely dry before reusing.

Can I wear lotion and makeup while using Foggōz?

While it is preferable to use Foggōz on clean, dry skin, it will still create a seal when wearing light makeup and lotions (simply give your skin some time to absorb them before using Foggōz). Please avoid heavier creams and body butters on your face prior to using Foggōz.

Where are Foggōz made?

At the very beginning, we cut every single Foggōz strip by hand here in Buffalo, New York. Now that we are getting many more orders, we work with a partner in California to convert, or cut, the strips for us (we couldn't keep up otherwise!).

The silicone polymer we use is manufactured in Ireland.

What do I do if the ends of my Foggōz strip peeled?

Simply smooth out the peeled end and put a piece of parchment paper over top of it. Then, using the back of a spoon, flatten out your Foggōz strip again (it's okay if a small amount stays folded underneath, just smooth it out as best you can). We also experimented with ironing the curled end of a Foggōz strip (never directly! Always with a piece of parchment paper overtop) with good results. 

If your Foggōz fell off after using a powerful detergent such as Tide, then this technique will not work, as the detergent will have weakened the adhesive on the mask side.

Can you explain free shipping without tracking?

Since Foggōz are light and thin, we are able to send them with USPS as a First Class Letter (with a stamp). This allows us to offer you free domestic shipping while keeping the price of our product reasonable. However, USPS does not provide tracking with their first class letter service and we cannot be held liable for lost or delayed packages when you choose this option. If you prefer to have tracking, then you may choose to upgrade to USPS First Class Package service for $2.99.

What about international shipping?

Note: We are temporarily suspending international shipping over the summer. We will resume taking international orders September 1st, 2021.

For international orders, we are proud to offer you worldwide shipping for $1.99 (resuming September 1st, 2021). Please note that this option does not include tracking and orders will be sent USPS First Class Mail International Letter with an international stamp and could take multiple weeks to reach you. If you choose this option, we cannot be held liable for delayed packages or packages lost in transit. We will also be unable to give you a delivery estimate. If you prefer to have a tracking number and faster service, please choose USPS First Class Package International or USPS Priority Mail International  service.