About Us


It took me exactly ONE foggy trip to the grocery store to get my inventor gears turning. Wearing a mask was an adjustment enough. But foggy glasses too? Forget it.

Foggōz didn't start with a problem though; it started with my roots. As a Venezuelan-born, Buffalo-raised daughter of a teacher and an engineer, creativity, diversity, and inventiveness defined my upbringing. My mom, an immigrant who pursued her master's degree in education while learning English and raising me and my sisters, taught me to trust myself and keep at it even when the going got tough. My engineer dad constantly modeled how to think outside the box and take intellectual risks.

Going back further, my great grandfathers and grandmothers were innovators themselves. My great-great-grandpa, Oscar Weiderhold, designed the lighting systems of London and Buenos Aires in the 1920s and patented over 25 inventions, despite having obtained only a high school degree. My great-grandmother, Ruth Weiderhold, graduated with a degree in bacteriology from Connecticut College in the 1920s and her daughter, my grandmother, graduated from the University of Maryland with a dual degree in mathematics and  physics, rare and amazing accomplishments for women at that time.

So, take a family history of innovation and persistence, add hours of research and testing, and voilà! Foggōz was born! 

Getting Foggōz off the ground has been exhilarating, in no small part thanks to the obstacles we've overcome. First was the problem of finding the right product: I tested out all sorts of different options: some were just too aggressive (think packing tape on your face... no thanks). Others were gentle, but didn't provide a long-lasting seal over multiple wears. But months of research paid off when I finally found the perfect silicone polymer for the job, hooray!

Finding the holy grail of silicone polymers wasn't the end of our journey here at Foggōz, though.  Providing a quality product at a fair price was also a top priority. I was intent on working directly with the manufacturer, so that I could cut out the middle-man and pass the savings along to you. It took a fair amount of cajoling and convincing, but I kept squeaky-wheeling it and now I'm proud to offer you weeks of fog-free mask-wearing for the price of a few trips to your favorite coffee shop.

I hope that Foggōz strips help keep you fog-free and your mask secure, as they have for my family and me. No one wants to deal with fogging glasses while on the job, at the grocery store, or visiting with loved ones. If Foggōz can help make this time a little easier for you to manage, then my mission is complete.

Any questions, please be in touch. I'd love to hear from you.



Vanessa Snowden, Founder