Partnering with Mental Health Advocates of Western New York

I feel very grateful to have had the time, access, and resources to care for my own mental health and support that of close family members and friends. But there is no question that this isn’t always easy, especially during a pandemic.

Mental Health Advocates of Western New York is a wonderful organization in our area that promotes mental health and wellness through peer support groups, information and referral services, child and family support, emotional skills training, peer support groups, pro bono legal services, and workplace mental well-being.

I am proud to announce that we are donating 3% of our profits on an ongoing basis to MHA. By helping folks get the help they need to thrive, MHA is making a huge difference for Western New Yorkers.

If you or a loved one could use some support, information & referral specialists at MHA are available Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm. They can help link you to community resources, providers, or treatment services and can be reached at (716) 886-1242.