Top 3 Fog-Free Tips

Each face is unique, and getting your mask to fit properly without any gaps is the key to clear glasses (and safe mask-wearing). Below you'll find my top tips for how to install and wear your Foggōz for the best fog-free experience:


Tip #1: Start with a clean, dry, wrinkle-free mask (or a new medical mask).

Foggōz work best when the material you are sticking them to is smooth and free of any oils, dirt, or softeners. If using a cloth mask, I suggest washing your mask immediately prior to installation and avoiding touching the area you are applying your Foggōz to. Also consider giving your mask a press with an iron if you have stubborn creases. When you are ready to wear your mask, clean, dry skin helps as well (don’t worry about wrinkles, not that you have any, of course ;)

Tip #2: Press Foggoz/mask to the sides of your nose before putting on ear loops.

Fogging comes from the gaps along the top of your mask, specifically at the sides of your nose. When you put your ear loops on first, that gap that is hard to fix even if you press your Foggōz to your skin afterwards. Always apply your mask/Foggōz to the sides of your nose first to get reliable results.

Bonus tip: don’t over-tigthen your ear loops—doing so pulls the mask away from your nose, causing gaps and fogging.  Math fans, read below to see how trigonometry helped me figure this tip out!**

Tip #3: Remove with care.

When you are ready to take off  your mask, slip a thumb between your Foggōz and your skin and pinch your mask and Foggōz together as you slowly remove. This puts less stress on the adhesive and makes your Foggōz strip last longer. 

Are you a visual learner? You can access several video tutorials on how to install and use your Foggoz below:

Installing in a 3D or Contoured Mask

Installing in a Pleated/Flat Mask

Tips for getting the best fog-free seal


If you still have questions, please send us a message. Our goal is to keep you fog-free until we are mask-free, so don't hesitate to reach out!


**For my math friends, here's how trigonometry applies to the art of fog-free mask wearing: think of the side of your nose and the line of your cheekbone as two legs of a triangle. Your mask wants to take the shortest path across your face, i.e., the hypotenuse, especially when pulled tight. This leaves a triangular gap that causes fogging. To eliminate the gap, you need to encourage your mask to take the longer route, along the two legs of the triangle. If you put on your ear loops first, you’ve already let the mask take the short, gappy path. As a result, you won’t have as much “slack” to press your Foggōz along your nose and cheek afterwards, compromising the seal. So press your Foggōz to the sides of your nose and cheek first… then put on your ear loops! Thanks, Pythagoras! Or maybe not?