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What our happy customers are saying:

I already use a liquid anti fogger, but thought I'd try Foggoz. Amazing product that works for keeping glasses clear but also ends forever pushing my mask back up when it slips. The stickiness lasts a long time as well so I have just used the last strip. Time to reorder. Thanks so much for making mask wearing really easy and comfortable.


I have tried many "tricks" to keep my glasses from fogging up when I go shopping. Absolutely nothing has worked! When I saw the article about Foggoz in the health section of the Buffalo News, I thought I would try them, but had not much hope. I was sure wrong! They are just great and my shopping experience is now fun and easy.


I wore my mask for a solid two hours. Zero fogging, which was amazing I'm in love with them already!


Gentle, Medical-Grade Silicone

Foggōz are made from medical-grade silicone that is safe for all skin types, including delicate and sensitive skin.

Repositionable and Reusable

Foggōz keep up with you as you put on and take off your mask throughout the day and over multiple wears.

Easy to Install & Customizable

Simply stick your Foggōz strip into your cloth or medical mask, trimming to size if necessary for reliably clear glasses all day.

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